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"Really pleased I picked up the phone to Fiona as was the first step to getting some well overdue help. The techniques I have learnt to control my anxiety have helped unimaginably compared to how I was feeling a few months ago and the feelings of feeling detached from the world have now gone. I would encourage anyone to seek this help and state categorically that whatever you may feel about counselling by talking, being receptive to help and ultimately letting off the pressure the end results really do surprise you. The environment is a good mix of comfortable and professional and Fiona challenged me very early on. This was exactly what I needed and gave me the confidence to challenge my long-standing beliefs on some subjects which I honestly don't think I could have fully spoken about and accepted without her help. I would encourage anyone who is struggling to take action now as only with the appropriate help can you make progress - please do not ever try and struggle on alone!!"



"Before my therapy sessions I felt lost, sad, low and worried about the future. I did not have any reservations. I felt it was the right thing to do, however it could have been hard to engage in counselling, feeling as I did, but I was encouraged by the emails I received from the counsellor which were prompt and helpful. The website was also very helpful and explained some things. The sessions have helped enormously, I really believe I would not have gotten through it without the support. The sessions have helped me focus and unravel all my feelings about what happened in this particular episode of my life. They say that time is the healer, and yes it is, however being able to talk through my feelings and anxieties really helped me understand what was happening to me and it helped to put things into context. It helped to mend some of things in my life. My anxiety levels have reduced, and I have been able to have a better relationship with my family members because of therapy. If I feel my anxiety returning I can relate to the sessions I have had to help deal with things. I feel my life is much better for attending this therapy. I would definitely recommend my therapist to a friend or a colleague, my therapist was amazing and helped me beyond my expectations. Life has its ups and downs and my therapist helped me through a very difficult time in my life. I can now look forward to the future with a bit more optimism. I want to thank you again Fiona for all your help."


"Before I started counselling with Fiona I felt very mixed up I wasn’t sleeping with worrying about a big decision that I had to make. Felt my head was like a ball of wool all round up knotted and I wanted to unravel it and see things clearly. Fiona was able to clarify the situation. Friends and family have their opinions but it’s good to have someone impartial who doesn’t know you or your background I looked forward to the sessions because I felt that I was getting somewhere instead of my head spinning. With the help of Fiona I was able to come to a decision which was right for me. I feel a lot happier less anxious and my head is clearer. Counselling really helped and I would definitely use Fiona again."

Female client

"Before I started counselling I was feeling incredibly anxious and I was unsure as to why I was feeling that way. Fiona helped by immediately identifying things that could be contributing to my anxiety, and together we were able to put plans in place and strategies to deal with it. I have noticed that I now have a bigger awareness of triggers for me, and how to deal with anxiety better. I would definitely recommend Fiona, she was very understanding and made me feel like my feelings were a totally normal response to my situation. Thank you!"


"Before I began my therapy sessions I felt nervous and apprehensive, despite the fact that I was familiar with some of the processes and fully expected that there would most likely be some bumps in the road! I definitely wasn’t expecting a ‘fluffy’ experience and anticipated that I would be presented with some challenges. Anyone who is new to counselling and therapy might, understandably, have some reservations, particularly in having meetings via zoom. Whilst this isn’t ideal, it is the next best thing to face-to-face contact and Fiona ensured that I was comfortable with the technology. She also explained that the first session is when we would each find out if we are right for each other! Had I revealed that I needed help with issues that could have been dealt with more appropriately by a different counsellor, Fiona would have signposted me to someone who perhaps worked in another way. The sessions helped me to feel safe enough to open that cupboard door, behind which I had crammed hundreds of issues that I intended to deal with at some future point. I was aware that once I’d opened the door, I might become overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of problems that I had been burying during my lifetime. Knowing that Fiona was there to support me enabled me to prioritise some issues, park others and acknowledge that some of the problems that I was owning weren’t even my responsibility! I know that I can now sort and box up some issues, then put them away. I can identify others as needing immediate attention and can now let go of those problems that aren’t mine anyway. I think I was doing this to some degree before my sessions with Fiona but with her experience, insight and understanding, I am now much braver and far more efficient in avoiding being overwhelmed by problems. I would say that the dominant feeling is one of having much more control over my life. The biggest change that I have noticed is that I am far less anxious both in my work setting and in my relationships. I feel that I have a hand on the tiller rather than being a tiny boat being tossed in every direction, except the one in which I want to be going! If anyone has reached a point in their life where they feel directionless, out of control or simply overwhelmed by the vast number of seemingly insurmountable problems in their life, to the point where they feel they are trapped in a lake of black treacle, I would advise them to take that first tricky, sticky step and reach out to Fiona. She will throw you a lifeline and help you to facilitate your own recovery and progress.” Once again, thank you so much for all of your help, support and sensitivity. I hope our paths cross in the real world some day! All good wishes


"How do you start to show your appreciation to someone who has saved your life! Sounds extreme I know, but before I went for a therapy session with Fiona, I was actually standing on a railway bridge ready to jump. I suppose a lot of people have been there, although I'm not proud to admit it! I would be the first to admit I’m not the sort (if there is a ‘sort’) to go to a therapist and I think the first few times of going I didn’t get anything out of it (sorry Fiona) but I guess the therapist has got to get to know you, eh!! I thought Fiona would give me the answers, but No! However, she showed me how to find them for myself, and for that I will be forever grateful. So, if you’re a guy or a girl struggling then please put your trust in this lady. I can promise you; you won’t regret it. I feel like a different person, much calmer, more thoughtful, so in a nutshell it’s one of the best things I have ever done. If I can help anyone or if you really want to have a chat, I'm sure Fiona will give you my number. As you can see, I'm know literary genius but I'm still here thanks to the fantastic skills that Fiona Burton possesses and for that I'll be forever grateful.”


"At the time I arranged my first counselling session, I felt overwhelmed, adrift, and constantly tearful. I am normally strong and able to cope under pressure but there had been so much going on, for so long, in both my work life and private life, that I felt I was drowning in my thoughts and feelings, and had come to a point where I just could not continue like this. I found Fiona through a Facebook ad and upon reading her page, I felt hopeful that she would be able to help me. From the first session on, Fiona has helped me to understand why I felt the way I did, that it was perfectly okay to feel that way, and she has helped me find ways to work through my feelings and take back control of my life. With Fiona's support, I have made changes in my life that I could not even have imagined at my darkest point. And in doing so, so many other aspects of my life have improved as well. I am back to myself, but a better version! I am more thoughtful in choosing my responses to situations, instead of just reacting and feeling increasingly stressed. I am more trusting of both myself and the people around me, as opposed to feeling like I was the only person capable of dealing with things. Now I feel able to cope with life's challenges in a more positive way and able to enjoy the moments of calm and happiness that come along, whereas before, I was distrustful of those moments as I expected them to be brief and "the calm before the storm". Fiona's empathy, kindness, and humour helped me find a way out of my dark place and onwards to a happier, more resourceful, more centred me. I would whole-heartedly recommend Fiona to anyone I knew who was having a hard time as I know that she could provide them with the support they needed to find a way through their difficulties and on to a better place in their life. Thanks for all your help, Fiona.”


"Before I started going to therapy I felt very confused. I was sad, insecure and frustrated (although anyone around me would have told you how bubbly and outgoing I was). I felt like I had to put an act on every day to the people around me. I was really worried before I went to therapy because I felt really embarrassed about the things I did that helped me cope. Everyone around me appeared to be doing fine so I was embarrassed that I was not strong enough to take it. I hadn't told anyone really about the things i did because i didn't want anyone to see that i was "flawed" or that anything was wrong with me and i was really nervous about showing this side of myself to someone else. Going to therapy has honestly helped me in so many ways. It has helped me to learn how to say how I am actually feeling, as before I always struggled to find the right words. Because I had the time to actually really sit and think about it and know that no one was going to be annoyed with me or judging me, it helped me to realise for myself what was wrong and also helped me to challenge some of the thoughts and feelings I have towards myself. It also helped me to gain more confidence in myself as I learned that what others think/ say about you reflects more on them than it does on me. Finally I realised how important the way that I treat myself was and that I was only going to see the results I wanted if I was kinder and looked after myself more. I am now able to talk to my close family about how I am feeling and use their support, especially on bad days to help me stay on track and not slip back into old behaviours. I am also able to recognise that on some days I need to rest and can allow myself to without feeling guilty or annoyed at myself for being unproductive. I am also able to eat more regularly during the day (even if this is something I am still working on) and feel more normal around food, joining in with family meals and going out for coffee and cake with my nan. The biggest change that I have noticed in myself is that I actually feel like I can be my true self. Weird, loud, singing and dancing around everywhere (because life really would be so much more fun if it was a musical ), but I can also allow myself to be upset or sad and not see it as a flaw or a weakness. I feel so much more relaxed like I put less pressure on myself to be perfect all of the time and i'm just so much happier. My ways of coping have completely changed (although I do sometimes forget on harder days) and I really do need to set a limit of how many lush bath bombs I use in a week. You literally helped me so much, I can't even explain. I felt safe to say whatever was on my mind sessions, good or bad and knew that I was going to be listened to and not judged. Even during a global pandemic, you helped to get my life back on track, and I would definitely not be about to start my career as a dancer without coming to therapy. I honestly can't say how much I appreciate everything that you have helped me with.”


"How therapy helped me - Before therapy I was extremely anxious at the thought of a spider anywhere near me anxiety out of 10 was 9/10 10/10 regularly. Any creature near me would cause the above response. My fear would not stop until the thing was dead or outside. After therapy My anxiety doesn’t go higher than 3 or 4 maybe. I can now get rid of them creatures without the high anxiety response- amazing. I now react calmly. I was conditioned to respond to my phobia having learnt the fear from my sister and her response. Thank you Fiona”


"Thank you so very much Fi. You are a truly magnificent practitioner, from your sense of presence, your way of being, your way of understanding, your sound knowledge base and your wonderful hypnotic meditations. Thank you most sincerely Fi it is very much appreciated xx”


"Hi Fiona, I just wanted to say thank you very much for the informative sessions on improving sleep. It’s useful to highlight to ourselves our habits and sometimes you just need an external person to help you break them. I particularly liked the relaxation sessions as they really resonated with me. You have such a lovely calming voice and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others.”

Follow up:
"Hi Fiona. Just wanted to touch base and thank you for your sleep workshop. I have managed to implement some of the things you mentioned and I am at last getting some sleep!"


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