Anxiety is getting in the way,
You are feeling stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviour,
Or you just feel like you want more from life
and don’t know where to start.

Please bear with me while I make some changes to the website!

Maybe you’d like to:

  • Feel more calm, hopeful and live a more fulfilling life
  • Not worry so much about what other people are thinking about you
  • Feel that you are ‘enough’ and not feel like other people are better or that their needs are more important than yours
  • Stop feeling so exhausted by being someone that you are not, and start to feel comfortable being the real you…then I can help!

We can work together to:

  • Sort through the fog, confusion and heaviness to help you understand why you might be feeling and behaving the way that you are now
  • Give you hope and confidence that you can have more peace, clarity and manage your emotions more easily
  • Heal your trauma, lower your anxiety and feel less stressed
  • Find your inner strength and learn new ways of coping, communicating, understanding yourself and getting the most out of life

I’m Fiona, a Trauma-informed Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist and Coach and I specialise in helping adults to overcome:

  • Anxiety, panic, worry, fears and phobias
  • Stress, overwhelm and burnout
  • ADHD (diagnosed or undiagnosed)
  • Unhelpful behaviours and limiting beliefs
  • Childhood emotional neglect and trauma
  • PTSD, toxic relationships and narcissistic abuse

When life gets hard, it’s easy to just hope things will get better with time; but when left, feelings, behaviours and relationships often get worse.

Please don’t struggle on alone. I’ve worked with hundreds of people just like you, so just take a deep breath…..and get in touch. Fiona x

"Really pleased I picked up the phone to Fiona as this was the first step to getting some well overdue help. The techniques I have learnt to control my anxiety have helped unimaginably compared to how I was feeling a few months ago and the feelings of feeling detached from the world have now gone." Read More


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"How do you show your appreciation to someone who has saved your life?......I’m still here thanks to the fantastic skills that Fiona Burton possesses and for that I will be forever grateful." Read More


Contact Me

Contact me to see how I can help you. Please email me at fiona@newinsighttherapy.co.uk or call me on 07988 354 635

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